Diné Hataałii Association, Inc. Board of Directors

Avery Denny, President

Elected in 2021, Dr. Denny is a Professor at Diné College, and has been an instructor for over 35 years. He teaches courses on herbology, holistic healing, and Diné oral history, culture and philosophy. Avery is a Diné hataałii, singer of the Blessing Way, Beauty Way, Night Way and Enemy Way. He has dedicated his life to Diné bizaad (Navajo Language) revitalization. His clans are: Tódík’ǫ́zhí – Tótsohnii –Ta’neeszahnii –Tsé Ńjíkiní

Anson Etsitty, Sr., Vice President

Elected in 2021, Mr. Etcitty is a Diné Culture Professsor at Navajo Technical University. He brings over 10 years of experience working with the Diné Hataałii Association. Anson is a Diné hataałii, and conducts diagnoses, healing ceremonies and protection prayers. He is an advocate for remaining true to Diné Culture and protecting Diné ceremony and sacred sites. His clans are: Tó Dích’íi’nii – Naakaii Dine’é – Táchii’nii – Ta’neeszahnii

Marilyn Begay, Secretary

Elected in 2021, Dr. Begay is a Professor at Diné College, a Behavioral Health Coordinator and has been a licensed Counselor since 1994. She is a diagnostician, utilizing Diné ceremonial songs, prayers and techniques to bring about healing to those who seek her out. She is a strong advocate for enhancing ceremonial ways to reconnect to an original Diné identity in order to achieve balance and success. Her clans are: Tsi’naajinii – Tó Dích’íi’nii – Haltsooí Dine’é – Kinyaa’áanii

Daniel Johnson, Treasurer

Elected in 2021, Mr. Johnson recently retired after 38 years of service in health care finance and administration. He currently provides consulting in health care quality management, applying the Six Sigma processes. He has been a member of the Diné Hataałii Association since 2014, contributing his background and knowledge of western health care systems to the organization. His clans are: Tsé Ńjíkiní – Dziłtł’ahnii – Tótsohnii – Lók’aa’ Dine’é

Ernest H. Begay, Appointed Board Member

Appointed in 2021, Mr. Begay is a Counselor and Traditional Practitioner, providing his services to the Utah Navajo Health System, the Navajo Department of Behavioral Health, and to lndian Health Services over the past 16 years.  He uses Diné healing practices to encourage self-awareness, self-respect, self-help and self-care. He is a voting member of the DHA. His clans are: Naashgalí Dine’é – Kin Łichíi’nii – Ta’neeszahnii – Kinyaa’áanii

Adrian Lerma, Appointed Board Member

Appointed in 2022, Mrs. Lerma brings over 10 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. With experience in marketing, fundraising, strategic planning and public relations, she is a skilled project manager and event coordinator. She is a voting member, and acts as a consultant, liaison, and provides technical and writing support. She is a voting member of the DHA. Her clans are Naakaii Dine’é – NaashT’eezhi Tábaahá – TłízhiŁání – Táchii’nii